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PAJU - The Inner Division
A German-Korean filmmaker travels to the border between North and South Korea, to the town of Paju, where she encounters its residents, and their various attitudes toward the division of their country. In these meetings, an inner division also emerges — between the generations, their experiences and wishes for the future.


The film takes us on a journey to Paju, a town on the border between North and South Korea. There we follow the German-Korean filmmaker, whose family once fled from North Korea to the South, as she encounters the inhabitants of Paju and accompanies them in their daily lives – along and with the border: These include: a tour guide, who daily escorts foreign tourists to the border; the manager of a huge cemetery for North Korean refugees, whose own family roots lie in North Korea; a North Korean who only recently fled to the South, leaving behind her family in North Korea; and a young editor who publishes books on North Korea, although the topic is of little personal inter- est to him. In its encounters with these and other residents, the film renders a perceptive portrait of a country whose division has left a deep imprint in the lives of its inhabitants.

The Freedom Road, ending at DMZ

Technical Data

shooting format: HD 16:9 color
running time: 78 minutes
language version:
Korean and German with English subtitles
screening format: DCP, BluRay


Interview with the director